Starting the software

Click on the forbes icon on your desktop.

Then choose the MTD VAT bridge icon


This software allows you to transmit and retrieve data from the HMRC MTD system. It also allows you to use a demonstration server. Where you see the following drop down - choose live to transmit to the HMRC and demo to our demo server. In demo mode you won't have to fill in your HMRC userid and password. In order to use live mode to transmit you need to have paid for a licence but you can use it to check obligations and payments etc

Setting up an agent account

If you are an agent you will also need to have set up a new HMRC agent services accounts

This HMRC video explains the step-by-step process for creating an agent services account.

Transmit Vat Return

Under MTD you must keep records electronically. We can import the totals from a number of sources. Although we are only transmitting totals, to comply with the regulations you must keep the records and generate the totals from them. Imports generally fall into two categories. For ForbesBooks, VT Transaction+ and Sage we import all the transactions and calculate the totals to transmit. For clipboard and spreadsheet data it is just the totals.


Select the client


Browse to the folder where the .001 backup file resides. We currenlty import from versions 5,11,18,23 and 24. If you have another version please contact technical support.

Click here to see a screen video

VT Transaction+

Browse to the folder and select the .vtr file


We need the totals to be collated into two columns of 12 entries as in the image below

The first column are box identifiers and they must be exactly as specified i.e. VATBox5 not Vatbox5 or VATBOX 5. The first 4 letters are capitals the o and x are small. The second column are the data. This is the same format whether it is excel, google docs, csv or simply copy and paste via the clipboard

Click here to download a sample excel spreadsheet suitable for transmission

Click here to see a screen video


Highlight the two columns and 12 rows (24 cells in total) and copy to the clipboard. Use


Press the excel button and select the file in question. If you are having difficulties, save as csv and use


Press the excel button and select the file in question. If you are having difficulties, save as csv and use


Once you have the data in the boxes press


This tab lists the returns the HMRC are expecting and tells you whether they are Open or Fulfilled. Fill a date range of up to 366 days for e.g. a tax year and all the obligation periods will be listed. If the status is set to Open, you may omit the dates.

When you transmit the dates on the VAT return must match one of these periods.

Previous Returns

View the previous returns that have been transmitted


Use this tab to view the liabilities


You can view the payments made

Supported file formats

Sage - versions 11(2005), 12(2006), 16(2010), 18(2012), 23(2017), 24(2018)
Excel- version 5.0 (1993), Excel 95, Excel 97, Excel 2000-2016
VT - any .vtr
QuattroPro   - .wb3
MoneyManager - current
OpenOffice/LibreOffice - any .ods